Sunday, February 13, 2011

5 Things To Improve How Your Desk @work Looks...

While we put a lot of time time and effort into sprucing up our homes, many of us spend 8-odd hours a day elsewhere, in small offices or cubicles. It might not be the place for wallpaper, paint, or fancy rugs, but even small changes can make your work space a happier place.

Work-wise, few things are worse than feeling like a drone. Rather than adding lots of stuff, a few upgrades to your office staples will keep you interested and organized.

Plants: Having a bit of greenery instantly makes your cube less dull, and getting up to water your plants also gives your eyes a break from the computer screen. Pothos works well in my indirectly lit office, or you can try Sansevieria or a peace lily.

Pen holder: You most likely have a handful of writing utensils that need wrangling. At my day job I use a small pottery vessel in my favorite color and that was made by a former coworker. Find handmade and vintage options from Etsy, or seek out Marimekko's latte cups. The cheapest solution is to use a (cleaned) can and cover it with nice paper.

Mousepad: You'll be using it all day, but its appearance is often overlooked. Check out an Etsy seller such as MirrorGirl or follow this easy tutorial to make your own with a $0.99 pad from Ikea. (On a similar note, make sure your setup is ergonomic by following these guidelines from the U.S. Department of Labor.)

Lamp: Overhead fluorescent lighting is pretty terrible. As an upgrade, find a task lamp that has some personality and a nicer glow (Image 1). Kristen recently rounded up ones that are under $50, and there are lots of other affordable options.

Calendar: Hanging art is a great way to personalize any space, but sometimes it's just not an option in an office. Instead, consider a desk or wall calendar that speaks to your aesthetic. In December Apartment Therapy rounded up calendars with mid-century modern style, travel themes, and great letterpress looks. From our 2010 Home Hacks, you can also try making your own perpetual calendar.

Do you have any decorative touches in your office?

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last day at work

What a week. It has been a bit strange at work as I am finishing my time at 1234 Acqua team, finally today is the last day and I probably made 12 calls. Haha..

Minggu depan dah start kat Click manager. So hari ni aku bercadang untuk berlenggang kangkung sahaja.. boleh?? Facebook, Youtube sampai ke Zuji semua aku bukak terpampang depan screen. Voley?

Manager aku plak tak boleh cakap apa. Ye la..dah last day katanyerrr.. takkan ko nak aku buat sales plak? Dah la kalau tak sampai 10% of the whole sales, aku tak dapat commission. So boleh blah…

Memang aku akan miss this place. My good friends at work, tapi pressure memang pressure. Lastly aku mengalah. Memang tak berbaloi sangat gaji yang lumayan kalau hati tak happy noks.

So.. kerja baru start next week. Training seminggu then mula kat department yang baru. Base pay aku sama dengan gaji sekarang cuma takde commissions. Takpe la… kurangkan belanja then.

Oh.. Aku & Decky decided to cancel Europe trip this year. With the extra cash that we have, kami nak beli our 1st property. Hmmm.. ada 2 options.

  1. Beli rumah yang kami tinggal sekarang. – around $600k. Very good area, Elsternwick & Ripponlea. Kira2 kawasan ni memang mahal. Cuma 15 mins to Melbourne city. Rumah kami skrg memang cantik, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

  1. Invest the same amount of money in outer suburbs. Ada satu development ni kira kira 1 hour drive from Melbourne. With the same amount of $600k we can get a mansion! 4 bedrooms… brand new…  as pictured below…. 

If you were us… what would you do?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday To You...

Happy Birthday Sayang… I you more and more everyday. You're my amazing partner, soulmate and my best friend and for that I thank you… 

All I want is you 


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Could Be A Killer

Cyclone Yasi is heading towards Queenslands in 5 hours time. Poor Queenslanders, they just got hit by the floods last month and just started to rebuilding the damages currently costs billions of dollars, now the WORST Cyclone ever recorded is smashing them! This is a similar greater scale as Cyclone Katrina that hits New Orleans!

Currently our friend Johnny is in Mackay and he have been told to stay indoors and most people already evacuate their houses as its going to be deadly!

The wind is expected to be around 320km/h and will damage everything that it pass. It will lasts for the whole 24 hours!!!! OMG...

Even in this disastrous time, Good ol Queenslanders still have their sense of humour!

Wish them safety and hopefully the hard time will pass... very soon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Smile! You're on Google!

Artist Jon Rafman's cleverly-edited Google Streetview...

Montreal-based artist Jon Rafman pores over thousands of Google Maps Streetview images, amassing the most intriguing assortment of real life literally captured on the road. Publishing a book in 2009, Rafman continues to explore how—like an admissible Peeping Tom—the Internet changes the public's perception of personal space with his Tumblr blog Nine Eyes.

Let's see his amazing find and how your life could be monitored by Google... Seriously...c'mon... What's not monitored these days? Is there still such thing as confidentiality and personal space? Scary huh...

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I decided to call in sick today since its way too hot out there. Today is the 2nd day of being 40degrees out there. The earth is literally burning…. There's nothing else to do except to switch on the air-condition in full blast… switch on MTV on mute while listening to iTunes playing Glee tracks…oh and blogging of cos.

Work….? Whats news lately? Oh… I accepted the offer for Google ClickManager Consultant role. Next week will be my last day at 1234 Acquisition team. After 1 year with them I decided telesales wasn't for me… Dont get me wrong… last year I finished at number 2 in my department with $65k sales per quarter… but enough is enough… I'm not going to stress out this year… Life is too short for that. I really hope I will enjoy this new role although I may be earning slightly less than my last job! 

Vacation…? Yeah… I know. We started to plan for this year overseas trip. Initially we planned to travel to Europe this year… but we changed our mind. We want to save up to buy a house this year. I had enough of renting and at the age of 33… I want to be a proud owner of my own property. So this year we are going to Japan instead. Thinking of Tokyo - Kyoto - Hiroshima. If anyone have been to these places… please give me some tips. :) That will be sometimes in September anyway… 

Love…. I am happily married ( so called ) for 6 years now. Can you believe it???? And we are so much in love until now. Never met someone that so compatible with me and he is truly my soulmate. 

Health & Fitness…. This is the part where I constantly struggle. Okay… I have gained back all my weight I've lost before Christmas. I have not been back to Yoga cos its too hot outside… Will start back this weekend and I promise myself that I am going to be slimmer this year. I also enrolled back at Fitness First cos I missed the classes I used to love. Tanya ( Bronwyn's friend ) moved to Singapore and she transferred her membership to me. Yay… its $60 monthly with no contract! Thats what I really want. So I am going to start my gym routine next week… Wish me luck.. 
Friends? Well.. I am thankful to all my friends who I dearly love… and goodbye to all the dead weeds out there that I no longer associate with… u know who you are bitches!

Thats it guys… I'll see u soon...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Long Break Starting

I think this is my 1st time blogging at my work desk. Obviously today is the last day before we all close down for Christmas break. Seriously I have been counting days for this day to come. I've cleaned my desk and its spotless now... you can even lick the surface! ( though I can assure you it will taste vile of spray and wipe)....

Its really boring. I hope today will end after lunch but we have a last team meeting today. I might win an award for something... I always do. Quality Award.. Best Sales Rep... bla bla bla....I just want to go home and do nothing...

Oh.. by the way... GOODBYE WORK... SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!